GARtrip waypoint lists

This is a collection of user supplied waypoint lists in GARtrip format. Your contribution is welcome. No warranty is given for the correctness of the waypoints. To give some confidence, all lists are published with their author name and email.

For Sailing:

Croatia,358 Waypoints by Manfred Orthmann
461 Waypoints and 6 Routes by Arno Reith
Denmark, Southwestern Baltic Sea,
98 Waypoints by Manfred Orthmann
Great Britain/France, English Channel,
127 Waypoints by Richard Whalley
Greece, Northern Ionian Sea Korfu to Lefkas,
24 Anchorage Points by Frank Degenhardt
Greece, Ionian and Aegean Sea,
201Waypoints by Manfred Orthmann (corrected July 2002)
Greece, Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands,
175 Waypoints by Manfred Orthmann
Italy, Ports at south of Lago di Garda, 16 Waypoints by Eckhard Steffen
Netherlands, Ijsselmeer,
330 Waypoints by Manfred Orthmann (corrected July 2002)
Netherlands, Waddenzee,
389 Waypoints by Manfred Orthmann (corrected June 2003)
USA, Atlantic coast Region 1,
2221 Waypoints with description file, by Tom Raynor
USA, British Columbia Coast,
safe sailing bearings, 250 Waypoints and 19 routes, by John DeMonye
USA, Puget Sound area to northern San Juan Islands around Stuart Island, 530 Waypoints and 20 routes, by Roger Eastman
USA, Seattle, WA Puget Sound area, very detailed and usable sailing Waypoint list available from Roger Eastman
Turkey, nothern part,
47 Waypoints by Manfred Orthmann (corrected July 2002)

For Canoeing / Kayaking :

New Zealand, Wanganui River, one route with drawn track by Ian Calhaem

For Hiking and Cycling:

Different countries, Routes shown in books of Michael Müller Verlag (in German language)
Bushwalks in the Perth area by Dave Osborne
some waypoint collections by Peter Söllner
waypoints database for the Alps, by Daniel Roth
Croatia, Peljesac peninsula near Orebic,
84 Waypoints and 4 routes with tracks, by Zdenek Podrasky
some waypoint collections for the French Alps by Marc Shapiro
France/Italy/Switzerland, Tour du Mont Blanc,
66 Waypoints in 16 routes by Eric Smith
France/Switzerland, Chamonix-Zermatt,
99 Waypoints in 19 routes by Eric Smith
some hiking trails by Erhard Mueller
Germany, Wanderbahn, ancient train trail, now cycling trail in Odenwald area from Mudau to Mosbach,
Track by Heinrich Pfeifer
Germany around Darmstadt, 348 Waypoints by Klaus-Peter Rossel
Greece, some tracks on
Corfu island by Manfred Peppler
Great Britain, Dartmoor,
96 Waypoints and 2 Routes by Terry Bannon
Great Britain, Derbyshire, Hartington,
1 Route with 23 Waypoints by Ken Hannett
Great Britain, Yorkshire Dales and Cumbrian Lake District,
four collections by Steve Pitt
Great Britain, Sustrans 'C2C' cycle route,
4 routes with 119 waypoints by Clive Matthews
Great Britain, Kent and East Sussex,
6 routes by Roger brown (related tracks and maps at
Italy, Capraia Isola, 63 Waypoints and hiking trails by Heinrich Pfeifer
Italy, Eolian Islands (Stromboli, Lipari, Salina...),
17 Waypoints by Heinrich Pfeifer
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg: external link to gps hiking
New Zealand: popular hiking trips, by Peter McKellar
8 routes in the Scottish mountains by Edward Norton
12 routes in the Southern Highlands by Eric Smith
Spain, eastern part of La Gomera Island,
108 Waypoints and 24 routes by Heinrich Pfeifer
Switzerland/Italy, Via Spluga, a four-days hiking trail from Thusis to Chiavenna,
Track by Heinrich Pfeifer

For Driving:

Germany, Autobahn exits, 1032 Waypoints, by Remco Castner
Great Britain, 1377 Shell stations and 723 motorway junctions,
Waypoints by Remco Castner
Namibia, Kaokoland, a
4x4 tour with waypoints, track, and report file by Wouter Brand
Iceland, along street #1,
160 Waypoints and 6 routes, by Heinrich Pfeifer
Camping sites in Germany, Ireland, and Italy:
55 Waypoints, by Remco Castner
New Zealand: tourist attractions in
Rotorua, by Peter McKellar

For Avionics:

Southern Africa, "Safari on Wings", 73 waypoints with routes and track by Ernesto Maurer
Argentina, FAI standard flights, Buenos Aires and Gonzalez Chavez,
149 Waypoints by Gustavo Carlos Mateu
Europe, Northern Africa, part of Asia: Airports, VOR, NDB by
Guntram von Loeffelholz
Great Britain, airways collection with
173 waypoints, updated in 2003, by G. L. T.
Italy, Ultralight Fields and Air Bases,
91 Waypoints by Gianfranco Caleffi

Cities, towns, places in general:

Different countries, GPSWaypoint - on-line, searchable repository of GPS data
Different countries, collection GPS-Routen in German language
Different countries, collection
GPS Waypoints und Bilder in German language

Germany, Switzerland, and Austria: interactive map service of Firmengruppe Wenninger with waypoint creation in Gartrip text format (click on small map on the right side) - in German language.

Australia, N/E, 149 Waypoints, by Matthew McAnna
Austria, 7835 cities,
7835 Waypoints, by Remco Castner
Germany, 21023 cities,
21023 Waypoints, by Remco Castner
Germany, Baden-Württemberg,
7323 Waypoints, by Remco Castner
Germany, northern Bavaria,
16768 Waypoints, by Remco Castner
Germany, southern Bavaria,
28170 Waypoints, by Remco Castner
Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen,
24896 Waypoints, by Remco Castner
Great Britain,
1115 Waypoints, by Remco Castner
Great Britain, London, 270 tube stations, 252 train stations, 98 pizza, 52 chicken, 60 BigMac, 899 general places in different files,
Waypoints by Remco Castner
Great Britain, Several
Great Britain and London collections by John Seymour
Great Britain,
Prehistoric monuments in the UK by Chris Tweed
Greenland, Kangerlussuaq, Ilulissat, and Qeqertarssuaq
31 waypoints by Erik Haahr
5600 waypoints of the Dutch Triangulation Service within +/- 5 m (in Nederlands language) by Jan Zandijk
Netherlands, Drenthe,
201 Waypoints, by Peter Veeling
Netherlands, Limburg area,
193 Waypoints, by Wil Amendt
Netherlands, province of Utrecht, all cities,
85 Waypoints, by Rolf Pieters
Netherlands, all railway stations,
368 Waypoints, by Rolf Pieters
Waypoints of Amsterdam for visitors, by Daniel Kropveld
New Zealand: locations from the LINZ Database,
4348 waypoints, by Peter McKellar
288 Waypoints, by Remco Castner
162 Cities and towns in Emilia Romagna, by Andrea Rimondi
Italy, northern and southern part,
4537 and 3414 Waypoints, by Remco Castner
31 Waypoints, by Michael Stamm
Oman, northern part,
179 Waypoints, by Michael Stamm
Portugal, cities, villages, motorway junctions and major service areas,
149 Waypoints, by Joao da Silva
181 Tourist Waypoints, by Collin Tang
Spain, western Andalucia,
3 collections, by Peter Cleife
United Arab Emirates and Oman,
2 collections, by Peter Cleife
USA, Amazon River and Washington DC,
47 Waypoints by David Moberg
USA, British Columbia and Alberta,
74 Waypoints by Randy Zaleschuk
34 Waypoints, by Remco Castner

Conversion programs:
RPtoGARt converts a route created by Marco Polo Travel Center to a GARtrip waypoint file (new version JUL-01). by Ekkehard Giemsa.

Your contribution is welcome.When sending me your waypoint list please be sure that it will be of general interest. It should cover a certain area with a constant waypoints density, and the descriptions should be understandable by other people. In particular the descriptions should be understandable without looking at the waypoint symbols, because not all users will use the symbols. Please don't send huge collections obtained from a low precision database. Only the file format "GARtrip waypoints *.wp" is accepted. You may compress it to a zip file if you want. Please send it by email with a short description containing the category (sailing, hiking, etc.), and the country and region covered. Please use only this email address for submission: . By submitting a file to this address you agree that your name will be published here. You may instruct me at any time to remove your contribution.

Email addresses of contributors are not published, but I can forward your mail if required.

No maps please. Please understand that I won't accept map files for this collection. I have two reasons for this restriction: First the international copyrights don't allow to distribute any printed material without permission of the editor, and second my web server is too small to handle collections of maps.

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