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Axel Ahlberg wrote:

I use Google Earth a lot to make maps of where I've been with my GPS units  - once to load it into Gartrip to make sure it's got good fixes and to edit out bad data and to put various attributes on the waypoints, and in the case of my exercise hikes, to print reports showing performance over time.  Gartrip is the nucleus of my GPS data manipulation - I do all my data editing in it.  But what I've had to do after I've cleaned up the data using Gartrip is to load it back into the GPS unit and then go load the data into one or two other applications such as Google Earth or, less frequently, TopoUSA.  But in doing that I lose descriptive data I've added to the waypoints in Gartrip, and that results in duplication of effort when I have to put the descriptive data back in the other applications.  So being able to port the data into Google Earth with the descriptions intact without uploading and downloading again is a big help.  I've tried it out already and it works great!

 Benito Medero, Dallas Texas wrote:

As a Real Estate developer  I use Google Earth intensively to structure my geographical database that covers  Dallas-Forth Worth and fifty small towns in the area. I have many sources and types of data: rents, land values demographics, plats, surveys, aerial photos, GPS field data etc etc..  Google Earth is great to structure the gepgraphical database but it only exports KML files and you can not input  other maps surveys aerial photos etc. Searching in the internet for a solution to my problem I found Gartrip and it worked wonderfully, Its clean, easy, elegant a superb German product. The only limitation was that it could not import KML files.. I sent a email to Heinrich and in a few days he had the solution which will soon be available to all Gartrip users. This globalized world of us is incredible, you can go as fast as you can think and you can match the power of Google with the wits of a German  entrepreneur.. Best of all it all spreads like  wildfire and benefits all. I no longer use Garmin Mapsource software, the Google Earth/Gartip solution is much more powerful and useful...

Axel Ahlberg wrote:

Just a quick note to thank you for a very functional program.  I've used the program unregistered for about six months along with TopoUSA and Easy GPS.  In all that time I never looked at the Map functions.  When I finally looked at it and saw what you could do I immediately registered the product.

I had been using TopoUSA to generate maps but it's reference maps are as much as 500 metres off in my neighborhood (suburban) but pretty accurate in the wilderness areas.  With your program I was able to scan in a map of my neighborhood - do your simple as pie calibration - and wind up with highly usable maps in minutes as opposed to the half hour it took to get a decent map out of TopoUSA. Of course there's not 100% functional overlap but overall your product is easier to use and faster to a useful result.  I just wish I'd figured that out when I first downloaded the program six months ago!

Congratulations on a very useful product!

Ian Fox by SpeedWeek:: wrote:

GPS logging of speed sailing runs has become a favourite with many wind and kite surfers all around the world, and since the outset of GPS speed sailing GARtrip was the first choice and reference for track analysis of many speedsailors. We used GARtrip for detailed individual track analysis in the 2004 Australian SpeedWeek:: event, and since then have also been using it for analysis of runs made under the new worldwide GPS-SpeedSurfing network formed by enthusiast racers based in the Netherlands. ( Mostly the racers are collecting a series of high speed short interval trackpoints (every one or two seconds) during sailing sessions using typically Garmin Foretrex or Gecko 201 units, then downloading at the end of each session to analyse runs to confirm peak and averaged speeds. The charting and color filtering of tracklogs by ( simple/user definable) speed settings has been a very popular and impressive feature, and printing the tracklogs to .pdf has been a great and efficient method of storing or sharing them. It's been great to have the interest and support of Heinrich to continue to evolve the program to provide a customer version with even higher resolution than previously for our requirements, and his attention to responding to enquiries and proposing other useful solutions in a prompt and professional manner has been first class. The price of entry is rather small considering the functionality. Sehr eindrucksvoll. Viel Dank.

 Remco J.J. Dost wrote:

I have used Gartrip to download coordinates from all over the world from my GPS for use in research (hydrology) for quit some years now, and was very happy with its user friendliness. About a year ago I started with a new application; I used a sonar connected to a GPS to survey lakes to create bathymetric maps for sedimentation modeling. The problem then was that I had to mark every measure point as a waypoint, and pushing that button 3000 times a day did not make that work very easy. I therefore contacted Mr. Pfeifer and asked him if he could modify Gartrip for me in such a way that I could download the measure points as a track, which he implemented immediately. I do not know many software developers so devoted to their product, and so willing to help their customers out! Since then I have done surveys in Kenya, Portugal and Poland, and did the same amount of work in 1/3 of the time I needed before! And my thumb got a lot of rest since then. Thanks Heinrich, you made a nice piece of software that I can recommend to any GPS user, for hobby or for research, because its easy to use and the users comments are taken very seriously. Using Gartrip sure made my research life easier!

 Ernesto Maurer wrote:

The more I use GARTRIP, the more I like it. I travelled through the southern African countries during September/ October this year in a private plane.

Let me give you some of the comments in brief:
·       I used a Garmin III Pilot and an old IBM Think Pad Notebook
·       Together with GARTRIP they were my constant companions for the flight planning
·       I particularly liked the feature “visualization of the tracks”, you can recognize errors immediately
·       as many of the landmarks and airfields are not in the Garmin database, GARTRIP makes it easy and fast to add these waypoints together with a description
·       back from the trip, I used the track function to see what we did, however part of it was lost, because I had too short intervals, and I should have used a wider spread
·       I add the result of my trip, so if anybody wants to fly in this beautiful area …..
Heinrich Pfeifer did a marvellous job with this program, this kind of program should be standard with every Garmin GPS sold!

 Carl Burgess wrote:

I have been a registered user for sometime now and can say that I think it is great. From planning trips in the nearby mountains to mapping out new back country hunting and fishing spots, Gartrip keeps all my information where I can work with it.
Keep up the good work.

 Bas E. Van Helvoort wrote:

I have tried several similar free/shareware programs, but none comes anywhere close to GarTrip! Sampled a more/less similar commercial program on my brother's PC, but couldn't find anything that I need which GarTrip has not (though there were lots of mostly very useless whistles and bells). And per US$/EURO GarTrip gives very much more "bang-for-my-buck".
I work professionally with an old-fashioned Garmin III and GarTrip in the forests of Borneo, Indonesia, where topmaps are difficult to get, or too small-scale. Used it also in Kenya, East Africa. With GarTrip I can, by and large, make my own "maps" at 1:50.000 to 1:5.000 accurately enough for my purposes (showing and finding again 25X25 to 100X100 meter research plots, or significant points in the forests, not to mention a good bar in a rarely re-visited town ... or home after that visit     ;-)     ).
A super-highly technically-advanced university professor & colleague who usually works with the ArcInfo spade of GIS software, prefers GarTrip for both on-the-fly images for rapid response during reporting and fundraising meeting presentations, and while on duty travel far from his state-of-the-art soft- and hardware at his university.
Guess what I want to say is: excellent work. Enough user-control and no superfluous whistles and bells. Lean, mean, efficient, and effective.

I managed to link my Garmin III to my Psion 5mx (using RealMaps 5.08 and PsiGar 5.09 beta 6) with fair results smack in the field (and much less weight to drag around, not to mention battery problems), while GarTrip gives the better overview on my laptop in the evening in the hotel/camp. Once back home a GIS specialist can detail everything with a full-fledged GIS software package.
Particularly useful is the option to add less commonly used datums; in my case Indonesian 1974 (in the file DATUM.INI). Even more so because the topmaps available here do not use the published/standard Delta a, f, x, y, and z parameters for Indonesian 1974. With a bit of calculus I could figure out the Delta's from the information on the topmaps, scan (parts of) the topmaps, and get a much better match.
On a scale from 0 to 10: a good 9.5+ (he, nothing is perfect!). In other words: a killer app (for those who need it).

 G. L. T. wrote:

This is a wonderful product which brings the Garmin product to life.  I use Gartrip both for hillwalking and for low level, medium  level and airways navigation and, with the correctly scanned maps, it can reduce the airborne workload tremendously.  I recommend it to anyone who is thinking of buying a compatible GPS.  Thanks for the regular updates which show your commitment to support the purchasers of the program.

 Mike Jones wrote:

I am a keen cyclist (8000 Km a year on and off road) and have been using a GPS receiver (etrex summit) and GARtrip since over a year. I've just read through the user's comments page at Gartrips homepage and was surprised to see that they were mostly comments from sailing enthusiasts, but GARtrip is  my opinion just as suitable for land based navigation, especially cycling where you've got the receiver right under your nose on the handlebar! A GPS Receiver alone is in fact for cycling purposes not recommended , but in conjunction with GARtrip it becomes very interesting. I don't keep a training book anymore, I just read out my training tours to GARtrip and save them there, everything that is relevant, distance, avg. speed, time etc. is recorded,  if you want to define a specific piece of road, (for comparison to last time or next time) it's no problem with this program, all the data can be quickly displayed recalculated to this particular stretch. Now with GARtrip 205 this feature is even more enhanced with a gradient read out, here you can define specific climbs and get a time, a speed , a climb rate and all sorts of other interesting data This feature is probably even more interesting for mountain bikers (or hikers) as you don't generally find any gradient signs off road. Not only is GARtrip good at analysing rides but also for advance planning, using either waypoints or the appropriate scanned map on your computer, you like riding off road or down backways and have often wondered where this or that turn of leads? Well with GARtrip you can plan your tour in advance and be it on or off road know where you are. All in all a very tidy program the price is neglectable when you consider the free updates and prompt, competent support from the author.

 Mark Fielding wrote:

I have used GARtrip for 4WD off-road trips throughout Australia with a 12XL and have found the combination to be excellent.
We carry a laptop with the entire Australian 1:250,000 map series loaded plus Gartrip power/interface cable and, en-route, download each route as required plus retrieve to the laptop, the tracks driven for later reference or use.
GARtrip is simple to use, easy to amend input data errors and of course, I like the shareware pricing.
Most important is the support I received when I had trouble inputting Southern Hemisphere coordinates. But this problem is mentioned in the bugs pages of this website.
When in the Australian outback, where we can drive for 2 days and see no habitation at all, it is vital to know where you are.  GARtrip, the Garmin 12XL plus the AUSLIG mapping CD-ROMs give us that certainty and reliability.

 Kenneth Murphy wrote:

I have used GarTrip for many years. I see the other commentors show their appreciation of the program's many useful features. I agree that the program does most everything I hope for in a GPS program. But I want to say that your efforts to improve the program over the years is a great example of what Shareware should be. That is a talented program developer listening to the program user needs and over time perfecting the program. I thank you, Heinrich, for the listening, and for the work you have put into this program. I edit a newsletter that goes out to about 140 trailer-sailors and I know what a program like yours means to such sailors. We do a lot of solo sailing in unfamiliar waters. Your program is used in the planning stage of a cruise to determine waypoints needed to keep from getting lost. As a solo sailor, there is little time for navigation, so these preplanned waypoints are very handy.
Thanks again.

 Ari Unnbom wrote:

Thank you for the great Gartrip software! I use registered version 204c. There are great features I haven't seen in other programs: I can handle all my 5000 waypoints and 300 routes (5 year's work) at the same time on the screen and on the map (Gartrip is the only software able to do this), there is excellent reporting features, I can move waypoints visually on the screen, great! It supports many file formats ... and a lot of other great features!

 Andy Duncan wrote:

Your software is excellent!  I use with a Garmin 76 after realizing that WayPoint+ does not work with this newer model unit.  But I have been very pleasantly surprised at how much better it is than WayPoint+.  I particularly like all the waypoint and track listing and editing capabilities -- very robust.  I use it along with Calfornia Fish & Game Dept's freeware "AV Garmin" ArcView extension   to input waypoints and tracks from the Garmin GPS to ArcView GIS.  AV Garmin requires data to be in either Garmin's Mapsource or Waypoint+ format, and I am very thankful you have so many Save As output choices.

 Peter Wilkins wrote:

Thanks for the prompt dispatch of my registration code.  Your programme is excellent - I looked at several others including the home-grown OziExplorer before deciding yours was best. I'm using version 2.04d.
I am the Starter/Principal Race Officer for our local yacht club and have been busy entering in all my yacht club courses as routes. I have about 50 courses covering different series, yacht classes and wind strength and direction, and GARtrip is a magic tool for checking and re-designing the courses: you can see the effects of proposed changes instantly.  It is also very useful for programming my GPS, which can only hold 20 routes at a time.  I use the GPS to ensure club laid buoys are laid in the correct locations.  I'm currently setting it all up on my home computer, but when I have all the detail entered and segregated into different .wp files, I will put it into my laptop and for race days I can reprogram my GPS on the water as required.

 Stanley R. Sherwood wrote:

I just want to thank you for creating such a great piece of software. I have tried  all of the other packages for Garmin that I could find and your product is clearly superior in many ways. Below are a few of the functions that you have provided that no one else has and they are extremely valuable functions to have.
* Superior in how on maps crowded with waypoints, a pointer is automatically drawn to the waypoint name. No writing names over the top of each other.
* Superior but simple way of calibrating maps and manual setting of stretch until proper scale by user is perfect!
* Sorting of waypoints by many different indexes. No one else has such a great feature.
* When merging waypoints from the GPS or another file superior checking of duplicate waypoints and positions and choices for the user on how to proceed!!
* The ability to have multiple maps on a once is perfectly arranged.
These are a few of the features that you have provided that I really appreciate and I cannot find anywhere else. You clearly show pride in your work and your German  (I'm half German) engineering skills are evident!
Thanks for a great product. I cannot say enough. Keep up the good work!!

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