Feature edit your track

you may...
  • clear single track points, or a whole range of the track
  • clear or set segment marks, in order to see the track divided or not
  • assign colors to tracks
  • attach comments to track points
  • clear every other track point in order to get the track compressed
  • have the track trimmed automatically, in order to remove spurious track points
  • align the altitude values in a track range if your altimeter wasn't calibrated
  • reposition a waypoint to the closest track point, to get it corrected
  • create a new waypoint at a track position
  • create a new route from the track
  • average a track to a new high-precision waypoint if the track was taken at a stationary position
  • correct the position of track points manually
  • draw a new track manually

next feature: review your track logs on a graphic chart, true to scale
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