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Registrations sent before 14-APR-2011 need to be updated for program version 211 and 212. You may get the updated registration for free, provided that your old registration was valid.

You need this update if your registration key is formatted like :    
12345        or       
ABCDEFGHIJ        or    

You don't need to update if your registration key is is formatted like:    
(1 group of digits, 3 groups of letters)

Please note that you may request this update only once. This restriction shall prevent abuse by forwarded registrations.

Please read your old registration data from your original registration email,
or take it by cut-and-paste from the Gartrip menu System, Registration.

To order the new updated registration key, send email to with the following data in it:

First line: Registration name, exact spelling, case sensitive

Second line: Old registration key

Third line: Email address for delivery of new registration
please take
care on the correct spelling. A second update with other address will be refused


Please allow two days for processing of your registration.