GARtrip registration page

GARtrip is shareware. You are invited to download and check all functions of the program before registering.

There is no special program version for registered users. The program will be converted from demo operation to full operantion upon entry of the registration key.

The Registration is sold by MyCommerce Registration Service

Please allow some days for processing of your registration.

Registration will enable the full file storage capacity of the program. Registration fee is 10 EUR or 12.50 US$ . Residents of the EU (European Union) add 19% Value Added Tax.

Registration by private persons: The registration key is personal. You are not allowed to give it to any other person. You, and only you, are allowed to use the registered program on more than one computer.

Registration by a company or institution: If your registration is named to a company or institution then it may be used by several persons within this institution, but not at a time. If the program is used by more than one person at a time then a suitable number of registrations is required. Please visit the MyCommerce site for a list of discount prices.

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