Feature localize your digital photos along your track logs.

Digital cameras save the date and time of each photo within the image file (EXIF data). When using a GPS receiver to record a track log during the photo tour, it is easily possible to define the location of each photo afterwards.

Note: Some Garmin receivers have a "save" function for tracks. Do not use this function! Saved tracks don't have the date and time any more.

Gartrip will help you localizing your photos:

Locate on track:
You select a single photo file, and the track cursor will be set to the location where this photo has been made.

Create new waypoints for photos:
Assuming you want to go back to the place where you made a certain photo, you might need a suitable waypoint. Gartrip creates it automatically.

Slide show
The track cursor runs along the track in real time, and wherever you have made a photo, it will pop up instantly.

For a short demonstration, click on the graphic
(Real Player or another AVI Player must be present on your computer;
file size 960 kB):

Correct exposure time:
For the photo functions, it is required that the camera clock was set correctly. If it wasn't, Gartrip helps correcting the recorded times afterwards.

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