GARtrip program history

 Version 108, July 1997: first public version.

 Version 109, October 1997:
Units: metric, statute, nautical. British National Grid. File import of PCX5 and Garlink track. Map on full screen. Track speed indicated by color. Temporary selection of reference point on waypoint window. Waypoints moved graphically, more than one at a time. Text placement on map avoids overlapping if possible.

 Version 110: skipped.

 Version 111, December 1997:
Waypoint symbols for GPS12 family. Waypoint description up to 40 characters. Daylight saving time zones. Map control panel refined.

 Version 112, March 1998:
File export to PCX5. Proximity of all selected waypoints changed at a time. Waypoint symbols for GPSIII family. Private file select box. Unique route names forced, for GPSIII family. Bearing of route legs shown. Track speed average option.

 Version 113, May 1998:
Print all split maps at once. Gardown file import, export. Default data directories for waypoint and track files. User grids, Swedish grid. Entry of waypoint coordinates using "default" refined. Search text in waypoint names and descriptions. Conventional order of coordinates: when degrees selected, latitude first; when grid system selected, easting first. Zoned grid systems with zone preselection. New waypoint created from averaged waypoints. Track editing shown immediately on map. Print list of waypoints and routes.

 Version 114, October 1998:
Text import of lat/lon coordinates: any special character instead of "°" accepted for degrees, lat and lon may be interchanged if hemisphere is given by letter. Time zones with fraction of an hour, daylight saving change on any week (New Zealand). New self-disappearing status bar for lengthy operations like reading/writing from/to Garmin. New waypoint sorting options: description, distance from routes, distance from nearest. Append data to file. TXT file export with choice of field delimiter, and with extensive route listing. Write to Garmin with selection. Avionics database used for routes. GPSIIIPilot supported. Garlink import and export. Backup files. Selectable font sizes for map. Profiles for user settings. Irish Grid. Waypoint symbol or display mode of all selected waypoints changed at a time. Routes with speed selection, indication of duration. Routes with warning in case of crossing, closed route, or double waypoint. Route extension online on map. Compress track. Map window size selectable. More map text options. Track sections.

 Version 115, March 1999:
Internet homepage. Small font on control panels. Without registration, 30 waypoints and one route and the track can be saved on disk. Bearing correction for route legs. Import and export of Waypoint+ and OziExplorer files. Zoom and pan functions in context menu. New waypoint defined graphically on the map. When editing a track, the map frame may follow the track point automatically. New waypoint file management function "Update". Display and record of actual position. Unlimited number of routes. Set PC clock. Play Track function. Track shown in different colors by section.

 Version 200, September 1999:
32 bit Windows version. Scanned maps: Garmin Street Pilot supplied. New Zealand Grid. New file formats: Fugawi, Atlas GIS, PCX5 now with DEG, DM, and DMS (import only). Ozi explorer export: waypoints and routes at once. Waypoints are checked for identical coordinates when appended. Subsequent averaging with correct weight. Default data files at program start. Automatic detection of serial port. Route legs and track points with describing text fields. Milestones with speed indication. Mouse cursor position indicated numerically. Hand drawing a track. Garmin transfer with optional repetitive mode. "Map" renamed to "Chart". The term "Map" now means the imported scanned map. English and German user language in one program. New registration key.

 Version 201, March 2000:
Transfer protocol GRMN is fully supplied, including eTrex and eMap. Protocol is detected automatically. Memory sizes of Garmin are checked against exceeding. Serial com port numbers up to com8. New route is generated out of track. Calibration of map with stretch compensation, and with instant preview. Calibration file is readable text. Track Edit shows coordinates, and speed with decimal. Track cursor with track section color. Line width for track and routes selectable with larger range. Bearings with one decimal.

  Version 202, April 2000:
Bugs fixed. Spanish user language. New route is generated out of track, with options if the route is too long. File explorer.

  Version 203, October 2000:
Track and Waypoints with altitude. Diagram with speed or altitude. Multiple maps at once. Track/Section/Pause renamed to Tracks/Track/Segment. MRGS. StreetAtlas 7.0 file format. Smooth play track. Merging routes. Windows on top. Separate units for distance/speed/altitude. Track range defined by rectangle. Waypoint description length not limited.

  Version 204, July 2001:
New Garmin transfer protocol (D109) for GPS152, 168, 76, 182, eMap…Magellan receivers. Long Waypoint names. Waypoint list and route point list in explorer style. Waypoint names can be edited directly in list. Opening files (.wp and .t) from explorer (even if program already active) and by drag and drop. Actual position optionally using NMEA protocol. Routes: insert multiple points at once; sort points; invert. Routes sorted alphabetically. Printing the route list with waypoint descriptions (option). Calculation of area for closed routes and track range. Hand drawing a track: inserting at any position, shift existing points or range. Set track range to visible part after zoom operation. Chart area optionally defined by marked waypoints. New menu for map selection: open folder. Maximum number of maps is user defined. Control of brightness of map. Printing a test strip to check the quality of map printout. Diagram versus daytime. Diagram with scaling lines. Options for printed diagram: shaded or line only, to save ink. Headline of chart is user selected, optionally for print only.

  Version 205, March 2003:
Map projections: Mercator and Conic. Unlimited track length. Gradient (steepness) and vertical speed analysis for tracks. Track color defined by speed, altitude, vertical speed, or gradient; with 2 thresholds, selectable colors (replaces speed limit and alt limit). Cut/Copy/Paste Track range. New Route window. All route changes are immediately shown on chart. Total ascent/descent for routes. Route point ordering by Drag&Drop. Convert Route to Track (for altitude diagram, or for long routes). Grid density selection. Reposition waypoint to track (incl. altitude). Current Position with directional pointer. Waypoint edit: Cut/Copy/Paste Waypoints and Route parts by Windows clipboard

 Version 206, June 2004:
USB connection. Third calibration point for scanned maps. User selected standard parallels for conic projection. Quick insert option for routes. Route changes are drawn immediately. Extended character set for waypoint names. Track trimming. Track altitude alignment. Track color transferred to receiver. Track file date set to track recording date, optionally. User defined minimum and maximum scaling for diagram. More Import/Export file formats. Text substitution file for user interface. New registration key. New limit for unregistered use: limited file import.

 Version 207, November 2005:
GPX Import/Export file format. Opening more than one file at once is possible. Rename marked route points sequentially. Track trimming when reading tracks, optionally. Writing tracks to GPS receiver with options if receiver memory too small for the track. Track on chart with interval marks (replaces former milestones and time stamps). Fill waypoint row function for a line of waypoints.

 Version 208, June 2006:
GPX Import/Export with waypoints and tracks in the same file, and with waypoint symbol transfer. Waypoint names with lowercase letters for new receivers. USB link to Magellan receivers. Tracks are sorted chronologically when opened. Photo functions. Chart with scrollbars and zoom buttons. Semitransparent chart lines.

 Version 209, April 2007 (partly published earlier with version 208a...d):
Google Earth KML Import/Export file format. Forerunner XML Import file format. Trackfile 3Dfield Export file format. Speed unit min:sec/mile or min:sec/km. Coordinates format: lat/lon with offset and scale factor. Slide show can combine photos taken within selected radius. Scanned maps are shown with pixel interpolation ("smooth"). Calibration files from OziExplorer are used directly. With more than one track file opened, the source file is indicated when track points are analyzed. Menu function "Edit list, Search" is extended by "Replace".

 Version 210, June 2008:
Direct access to GPX track files on memory cards (GPSmap60CSx family) and to GPX-only receivers (Nüvi, Colorado family). Menu "Edit List, Search" with  option "at end".  Option to sort tracks for shortest connection.  "3D flight" option for Google Earth file export.

... Version 211, April 2013:
Direct access to GPX-only receivers (Nüvi, Colorado family) by Garmin read/write menu without file selection box.Program launch by command line may open GPX or TXT waypoint file as well (formerly only WP ant T file). NMEA file format for tracks (read only).

... Version 212, July 2015:
Chart optimized for 4k monitors by dot size selection. User grid with Lambert projection. Protocol for new Garmin receivers (version 212c).

... Version 301, April 2021:
Freeware. OSM map. Batch conversion to GPX. Pulse frequency on track. GPS device connection redesigned. Track point altitude input with “draw by hand”. Time stamp removal off track for publishing.

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